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WalkBikeMarin is an initiative by the County of Marin to help make Marin more healthy, livable, and environmentally sustainable by encouraging walking and bicycling as everyday transportation. This initiative was catalyzed by a recent $25 million federal grant to fund the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP). The goal of the WalkBikeMarin website is to provide information about all the County’s bicycle and pedestrian projects and programs in one place. For more information on the NTPP see the About the Project page.
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WalkBike Profile: Cindy Winter, Greenbrae
Cindy Winter photoOccupation: Retired

How often do you bike?
Every day, about 50 miles per week.

Why do you ride your bike?
I try to never drive, on principle. I believe in alternative transportation, and I simply enjoy cycling. Last year I drove 182 miles. Cycling is good for one’s physical health, and for the health of the environment.

Where is your favorite place to bicycle?
Anywhere the traffic is not too bad. I like the varied athletic requirements of cycling, i.e. uphill and    down, curves, wind before or behind, gear shifting, balancing, etc. Fun!

Why do you think biking is important to Marin County?

Cars, little prisons of metal and glass, isolate. When you’re on a bike, how much easier it is to share a smile, or to stop and chat! The more we can interact, face-to-face with our neighbors, the greater our understanding of one another, and the greater the likelihood we can work together to solve future challenges.

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March, 2014 ~ Sign up for a two hour workshop with your family to learn how to safely navigate streets with proper equipment and riding behavior.  The two-hour workshops will be held on Saturdays:  April 5 - Mill Valley, May 17 - Fairfax, June 7 - Novato, July 26 - Larkspur.  Contact the Marin County Bicycle Coalition to register and get more information .

SIR FRANCIS DRAKE PROJECT THROUGH TAYLOR PARK COMPLETED  January, 2014 ~ The reconstruction of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard through Samuel P. Taylor State Park has been completed!  Besides new paving, this multi-year project to reconstruct the 84-year-old roadway included drainage improvements and adding shoulder space where feasible.      

CHARLES MCGLASHAN PATH FULLY OPENED  December, 2013 ~ The Charles McGlashan Path, formerly the Tennessee Valley Path is now fully open with the completion of the traffic signal at Tennessee Valley Road.  Running from the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path to Marin Avenue along Coyote Creek, the path provides a pleasant, separated route for cyclists and pedestrians to Tam Valley neighborhoods, including a signalized crossing of Shoreline Highway.   

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Did You Know?
Drafting a cyclist by closely following her not only helps you, but also makes it easier for the leader. In other words, two cyclists who are drafting use less energy than two individual cyclists who are not drafting.


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