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WalkBikeMarin is an initiative by the County of Marin to help make Marin more healthy, livable, and environmentally sustainable by encouraging walking and bicycling as everyday transportation. This initiative was catalyzed by a recent $25 million federal grant to fund the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP). The goal of the WalkBikeMarin website is to provide information about all the County’s bicycle and pedestrian projects and programs in one place. For more information on the NTPP see the About the Project page.
Recent News
WalkBike Profile: Austin Sos, UCLA Grad Student, San Rafael
Austin Sos, UCLA Grad Student photo

Why do you bicycle?

I bicycle for recreation, work, errands, and to visit friends.  Much of the time, it is need-based; I need to get somewhere or pick up something.  Other times, I go mountain biking and enjoy the great recreation and mountain biking trains in Marin.  I find it fun to ride a bicycle and it is great exercise.

What prompted you to stop by the booth at the Marin county Fair this year, and take our short survey (which automatically registered you to win a Mike's Bikes of San Rafael Blobe Vienna 3-Disc Commuter bicycle?

I had not heard of the WalkBikeMarin Program and I wanted to learn more about it, and what projects where happening in Marin county.  It has been really exciting to see many projects such as the Cal Park Hill Tunnel and Puerto Suello Hill Paths completed.  While many other counties are cutting back on expanding their bicycle infrastructure, Marin is still moving ahead with many new projects in the pipeline.  I took the survey because I have been thinking about buying a new bicycle for community, and thought it would be nice to win one!

What is the best ride you've ever gone on in Marin and why?

One of my favorite rides is riding up to the Nike Missile site from China Camp and following the ridge to the mocrowave towers.  There are places where you can see the Richmond-San Rafael, Bay and golden Gate bridges with San Francisco, Oakland, and Mt. Tam in the distance.

We understand that you'll use your new Mike's Bikes Globe Vienne 3-Disc bicycle while attending UCLA this fall.  Will this be your only means of transportation? 

The Globe Vienna and my old mountain bike will be my only personal transportation options in the Los Angeles area.  This is mainly because owning and maintaining a car is expensive and this would add a lot to my general expenses at a time when tuition keeps going up every year.  Since I'm in the middle of a city, parking a car will not be cheap and there are a lot of places where there's no space to park.  Riding a bicycle means I get free rock star parking everywhere I go.  Lastly, because I'm in a city, everything I need will be close by, so commuting by bike will not take much longer than using a car.  It is also a grea way to get my daily exercise.

What are you studying at UCLA and does bicycling/non-motorized transportation have a role in your studies?

I am studying urban planning with a focus in transportation studies for graduate school.  Bicycling and non-motorized (some call it active transportation) will play an important role in my studies.  Many cicites in the country are realizing that most people live close to work, schools, grocery stores, shopping, parks, and friends but they drive to all of those places.  Studies have found that where there is a lack of inviting sidewalks and safe bike lanes, people do not feel comfortable walking or biking.  You can see this in a city like San Rafael which has a lot of streets you can drive on, but many key routes are not safe to bike and many sidewalks are uninviting.  All cities and town in this country have a complete network of streets to drive on but very few have a complete and direct network of inviting sidewalks and safe bike lanes.  So, we will see a lot of this type of planning and infrascrutcutre improvements being done in the future.

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What's New

UPPER CORTE MADERA CREEK PATH IMPROVMENTS COMPLETED August,2016 ~ The Upper Corte Madera Creek Path, between College of Marin and Ross, has reopened after an extensive reconstruction project.  The new path is wider with improved sight lines to accomodate additional users from its increased popularity and provides better visibility and safety from removal of overgrown vegetation. Have a look at the latest improvements to the Cross Marin Trail corridor!  


July 12, 2016. The draft feasibility study evaluates if a multi-use path, along with railroad and roadway facilities, can fit within the available public right-of-way along the Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit corridor from Rice Drive to 2nd Street in San Rafael.  To review the draft Study document and concepts, visit the Projects page under Active Planning Studies. You can also learn more and provide input at a public presentation during a San Rafael City Council Special Study Session on July 18, 2016 at 5:00p. San Rafael City Hall 1400 Fifth Ave. San Rafael, CA (Agenda

NEW BRIDGE OVER SIR FRANCIS DRAKE OPEN May, 2016 ~ The new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Sir Francis Drake Boulevard at Highway 101 is now open!  The new bridge extends the Cal Park tunnel path southward to provide a direct connection to the Corte Madera Creek path just west of the Larkspur Ferry Terminal.  The path along East Sir Francis Drake between the boardwalk and the ferry terminal has also been reconstructed and improved.  Check out the newest connection on the North-South Greenway!


June, 2014 ~ The final report analyzing the outcomes of the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program has been released.  It shows that bicycling and walking have increased by 65.5% and 19.9%, respectively, since 2007.  Get more information on the NTPP's outcomes by dowloading the full report. 



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Did You Know?
79 million Americans think that bikeways, walking paths, and sidewalks are very important in choosing where to live.


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