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WalkBikeMarin is an initiative by the County of Marin to help make Marin more healthy, livable, and environmentally sustainable by encouraging walking and bicycling as everyday transportation. This initiative was catalyzed by a recent $25 million federal grant to fund the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP). The goal of the WalkBikeMarin website is to provide information about all the County’s bicycle and pedestrian projects and programs in one place. For more information on the NTPP see the About the Project page.
Recent News
WalkBike Profile: Mike Schulst, San Rafael
Mike Schulst photoOccupation: Middle School Science Teacher

How often do you ride your bicycle?
I bike to work 3-5 times a week, and try to do an additional recreational ride on the weekends.

When did you start riding a bike regularly?
I started riding an extra small “ten speed” style bike when I was about 8 years old. After that I biked to school. In high school, my dad was part of a group of carpool parents, and I would sometimes race him when he drove my friends to school.

What are your reasons for bicycling?
I love the freedom and exercise I get when I ride. Sometimes I do a lot of thinking when I ride, and other times I think of nothing. Either way, I enjoy it. My wife and I do a lot of tandem bike riding which allows us to actually talk the entire time we ride with out having to share a lane. It’s a great way to spend time together. Also, I love doing errands on my bike and avoiding all the traffic and parking hassles than come with driving.

Why is biking important to Marin County and to you?
It’s nice knowing that you feel better arriving at your destination than you did when you left to get there. Marin is one of the most beautiful places to ride in the world!

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What's New


WHITES HILL IMPROVEMENTS June, 2020 ~ Sir Francis Drake Boulevard has been repaved between the Brown Bridge and Fairfax town limits.  There is now a continuous bike lane in the westbound/uphill direction and the roadway was widened to provide an eastbound bike lane starting at the bottom of the hill.  A high-friction paving material was applied in the downhill direction to improve traction through the curves, especially for when the road is wet.

TIPS FOR NEW AND RETURNING CYCLISTS April, 2019 ~ WalkBikeMarin in partnership with Marin County Bicycle Coalition has prepared an informational page with tips for first-time or it's-been-a-while-since cyclists to get your ride going in the right direction.  

2018 UNINCORPORATED AREA BICYCLE/ PEDESTRIAN MASTER PLAN ADOPTED February, 2018 ~ The 2018 Marin County Unincorporated Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on February 27.  The document can be viewed and downloaded from the Plan web page at .  The Plan page also has additional information about bicycle and pedestrian plans, including those of other communities in Marin. 




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Did You Know?
Since 1991, federal transportation money has funded more than 8,000 bicycle and pedestrian projects and helped build more than 20,000 miles of shared-use paths.


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