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Bruce Richard wins bicycle from Marin County Fair survey raffle

Posted: 2010-07-20

Bruce Richards on his new Raleigh Circa i3 bicycle.
Mill Valley resident Bruce Richard on his new Raleigh Circa i3 bicycle.

Mr. Bruce Richard, like many of us, found his passion for bicycling came during his days as a junior high school student.  Over the years, he found that short, strenuous bicycling excursions became an awesome alternative to spending time indoors, working out at a gym.  More recently, Bruce has been enjoying an increased utilitarian use of his bicycle: the Tam Valley resident works from a home office and walks or bicycles more than 4 times per week to run errands or complete work tasks.  In fact, instead of dreading wet weather, Bruce is anxious to show off his new rain gear and accessories!  If there were more hours in a day, you can bet Bruce would be walking and riding his bicycle more often!

“The bicycle’s a great component for an individual’s mobility,” Bruce says, adding “to attend meetings, shop, and run errands by bike feels so much better than jumping into a car”!  He can be found toting a shoulder bag and feels that saddle bags will certainly be his next investment.

Living in the Tam Valley area for 14 ½ years, Bruce has watched improvements being made to Tennessee Valley trails, yet feels that the overall condition of bicycle trails and fire roads in certain areas is a bit spotty.  “Bicycle routes to essential services are limited, especially in the Tam Valley area.  Drivers are aggressive, especially Shoreline Highway, which is certainly a deterrent for young children and teens to bicycle locally.”  He said he wouldn’t think of putting kids and bikes on the State Route, and yet knows that any effort to widen the route would produce myriad environmental issues.

Gazing forward at a bigger picture for global health, Bruce Richard tends to look at channels by which he can have a more positive community affect.  As part of the new ‘transition movement’, he and others are sharing discussions about what has - until now - motivated people to change behavior, and found that the answer if a general sense of impending doom.  Bruce said, “Therefore, now it is important to ask:  ‘What can we do?  How do we change behavior from a more positive place”?  He feels that his choice of alternative transportation can be a model to others, and can magnify; word gets out about Bruce’s healthy, green choices, and others may be motivated to do the same.  

The County of Marin’s outreach regarding non-motorized transportation program efforts are apparently working.  Richard says, “Keep doing what you’re doing, and expand the channels of communication with the community.”  He said the County of Marin is in a unique position to influence and motivate the community toward healthier, greener choices, due to the terrain, and the positive, upbeat, progressive character of its residents.

In a random drawing of over 350 surveys completed by visitors to the WalkBikeMarin tent at the Marin County Fair, Bruce Richard of Mill Valley won a Raleigh Circa i3 bicycle generously donated by Mike's Bikes.

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